Why to be part of

Castilla y León Ambassadors Network?

We want to be the bonding interphase connecting human talent from Castilla y León at global level to promote the exchange of knowledge as well as the brand image of the Region.

If you are from Castilla y León but residing outside the region, both in Spain and abroad, or if you have a strong bond with this territory, whether personal or profesional, this is the place for you.

By joining the network you Will be able to:


To gain visibility

How many times have you wanted to share ideas that might be interesting? How many times have you thought that things could improve? Give voice to your ideas. Now you can be part of an online community with common interests and the necessary tools to change and improve the image of Castilla y León abroad.

In addition, you will be able to give visibility to your professional career and your experiences abroad. Perhaps you can serve as an example for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps…



Share your skills, experiences and your full potential, while building strategic relationships on a global level. You Will count on an extensive network of professionals all over the world, to which you will also belong, who Will bear you in mind for new projects in which to advance professionally.


New opportunities

Show all your talent, both personal and professional, and apply for new projects or professional opportunities. Show the world your differential value. In this way, you can obtain a positive impact on your business or improve your career.


Promote the Castilla y León brand image

Contribute to the recognition of the region while helping to improve the brand image of Castilla y León in the world.